I had been seriously seeking God for over 5 years when a friend of mine brought me to Mahikari.  I came to the dojo many times to receive the light before deciding to become an initiate and receive omitama.  After a couple of years of practice, I was very committed, and thought Mahikari would be my spiritual path for life.  How deceived I was!  Little did I know of their practices and teachings, of which the Level 1 initiates are for the most part in ignorance.  I’d even traveled to the world temple in Japan (Takayama) and been on all the kumite tours, including the tower where Oshienushisama lives.  All seemed perfectly bona fide.  Unfortunately, spiritual truths are spiritually discerned, and at the time my spiritual eyes were closed.

There are actually some very telltale signs in Mahikari practices which give away the truth, if only our spiritual eyes were open!  In every religion symbols are extremely important and always convey meaning.  In other words, they are never coincidences but careful and deliberate choices.  Firstly, the insistence upon the left thumb being over the right thumb when hands are joined in prayer, as well as the big toe of the left foot being over the right foot when kneeling.  I know many readers might be skeptical, but I learned the hard way that instead of saying “spiritual world over physical/material world”, as Mahikari claims, this actually means the evil side over the good side (Jesus Christ sitting at the right hand of the Father).  Secondly, the way in which kumite are instructed to wear omitama is very telling:  they wear a chain around their necks.  This is the only acceptable way to wear omitama.  Scary symbolism: they are bound and chained.  Easy to get in, oh so difficult and painful to get out!   Thirdly, I was struck by the teaching of the “48 gods”.  Satan is always trying to imitate or outdo God, whose heavenly throne is surrounded by 24 elders – the devil just doubled the number.

There’s one additional thing which should’ve raised big red flags with me had I known at the time: many kumite had mentioned to me having seen Odairisama officiate in a Mahikari ceremony, and that he always seemed to float in the air, his feet never touching the ground.  Only about a year ago did I learn that levitation is satanic, that without exception this is a sign of the devil.  Those who have ears to hear, let them hear.

I’d like to ask all Mahikari kumite and leadership to please abstain from posting on this blog and use your own internet real estate to express your views.  You’ve put out a lot of favorable propaganda for your sect, and many innocent spiritual seekers are being deceived and led onto that path.  I wish to reserve this blog for other disappointed ex-kumite who’d like to share their experiences with the rest of the world.  I do not wish to debate with anyone who’s pro-Mahikari, simply to share my personal experience and insights with regard to this false religion to other truth-seekers.