We are in the final days.  As such, the spiritual warfare between the kingdom of true light and the kingdom of darkness is intensifying.  Satan knows that he is defeated.  His goal is to take down with him as many of God’s children as he possibly can.

Satan is using every weapon at his disposal to deceive – even deceive God’s elect if that were possible.  Some of the other anti-Mahikari blogs expose the web of lies surrounding Sukuinushisama’s supposed revelations.  Lying is one of Satan’s favorite methods, especially using half-truths to confuse the innocent.

The people who come to Mahikari are good people.  People looking for God and wanting to serve Him.  And we have been deceived, with every disenchanted Mahikari kumite having lost a few feathers in the process.  Don’t waste one more day of your life working for the wrong cause.  Find a good Bible-based church and start studying the Word of God – the real God – and start walking with Him now.

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