My objective with this blog page is to share with you my personal nightmare as an ex-Mahikari member and hopefully to help you see the spiritual truth about this group.

I joined Mahikari in 2005, after receiving the light on (practicing okiyome in Mahikari language) average twice a week for about 5 months.  After being initiated into Mahikari and receiving omitama in the last quarter of 2005, I continued attending the dojo regularly.  Like all new initiates are encouraged to do, I would invite friends and acquaintances to come to the dojo to receive the light or attend the initiation training.  I did not succeed in guiding anyone to the point where they would join.

My tenure in Mahikari was fairly uneventful until the time when our European leader was replaced by a Japanese one.  The teachings about ancestor spirits and other spirits increased in intensity, and I was often asked whether I had installed an ancestor altar in my home.  This is a pre-requisite to moving on to the 2nd. level of initiation.

The whole concept of the ancestor altar made me very uncomfortable.  I had been to a few kumite homes where there was an ancestor altar, and I truthfully did not want one in my home.  Through some sixth sense I could feel the presence of spirits in those homes and it made me uneasy.  I also did not want the responsibility of the rituals associated with those altars, such as feeding the ancestor spirits every day.  Afterwards I was to understand what was wrong with those altars.

Then, something very unexpected happened that shattered my whole world:

Our Japanese leader (dojocho) had requested to meet every kumite in our dojo to become more acquainted with us and to also transmit the light, through us, to our ancestors’ souls.  This was intended to help elevate their souls and cleanse their sins.  I signed up on the schedule and had my first meeting with him, where he interrogated me at length about my ancestors, in particular my father who’d been diseased for 10 years.  During that first session he also traced my family tree.  The time was up so we scheduled a second session about 2 – 3 weeks later

I showed up for my session as agreed.  Dojocho said he would give me okiyome in the 8th. point (the forehead) and that I should do everything he instructed me to do.  I closed my eyes and after reading the prayer he started giving me the light.  I’d been told that this okiyome session would be longer than the normal 10 minutes for the forehead, so I was not surprised that it went on for a while, possibly 15 – 20 minutes.  After having recited the Kami Muki Sanji (the name of that prayer which talks about the spirit world) dojocho started invoking my father’s spirit.   When I had agreed to the session I had not realized that he would be speaking to ancestor spirits.  This was a surprise to me, but obediently I sat there with my eyes closed as he gave me the light.  He also instructed me to start breathing deeply to breathe in the light, which I also did.

All of a sudden, I felt a very dark and evil presence in the room.  I was terrified, but didn’t dare move, and before I could do anything I felt this presence come inside me.

Shortly afterwards, dojocho ended the session.  I let him know what had happened, but he didn’t believe me.  I went home, a nervous wreck, anguished, confused, feeling totally violated and betrayed by our spiritual leader.

Not quite knowing where to turn, I spoke to a woman kumite whom I admired for her devotion and good heart.  She also didn’t know what to say, except to suggest that I go back to dojocho so that he could help me.  I returned to see dojocho later that week.  He was with one of his Japanese assistants, and they were both very cold and dismissive.  They said that if anything had happened it was due to my bad karma.  In other words it was my fault and not theirs.  Dojocho said:  “You came to me, I did not come to you”.

The following week, in great distress, that dark presence still inside me, I travelled to see our previous dojo leader, the one who’d initiated me, who now headed up another dojo.  I hoped she would be able to help me by sending this spirit back to wherever it had come from.  She said to me, “I’m sorry, I don’t deal with spirits so I can’t really help you, all I can do is pray with you and give you the light”.

At this point I was still going to Mahikari, wanting to believe that this was a fluke, even my bad karma, and that if I received enough light this dark spirit would lift and leave.  I was hardly sleeping because having that presence inside me did not allow me to sleep or relax.  I lost a lot of weight, looked terrible, was totally depressed and anxious, and had a hard time focusing at work. Throughout this whole process, God (the REAL living God, not the Mahikari proclaimed god) protected me mightily so that I could still function despite the physical pain.  I had terrible abdominal pain, and underwent many medical exams including a colonoscopy that thankfully all came out negative.

I’m purposely not recounting all the details of the story, and will fast-forward to the unfolding.

After about two and a half months of this continuous agony, after asking around in different spiritual circles, I found a woman shaman who was able to get rid of the spirit, at least momentarily.  I was able to sleep, eat and live normally.  But the respite turned out to be only temporary.  Three months later, that dark spirit came back, with other evil spirits.  They haunted my house with noises and “voices”, moving objects, and their dark presence was very tangible.  The one that had originally attached itself to me managed to do so again.  So once more I found myself with the abdominal pains, the accelerated heartbeat, and other uncomfortable physical symptoms.  My balance also was affected, I found myself tipping to one side or another and needed to be very careful when I exercised or walked my dog.

At this point, I still didn’t completely understand what was going on, but obviously it was something quite serious.

Not being able to stay in my apartment for their harassment, I gave up my lease, and started living in temporary furnished housing.  Despite my move, the problem persisted and the spirits (although not all of them, possibly a couple) followed me.  My faith in Mahikari was shattered, and I felt extremely uncomfortable and afraid the few times I returned to the dojo.  Nevertheless I once more pleaded with dojocho if he would help me.   He was extremely rude.  In front of some of the other leaders who were in the leadership office he said to me loudly and angrily “I have no time for you”.  I believe the other Dojocho had reported on the incident, and my behavior did not fit well with Japanese hierarchical obedience.  Into my second month of “nomadic” living, going from one temporary apartment to another, I finally summoned up the courage to return to the dojo and hand back my omitama.  I’d hesitated for fear of the consequences, but at that point I had nothing to lose!

Five months after these spirits had come upon me (with the returning ancestor spirit) another shaman woman was able to send them back to where they’d come from.  Again, this was only a temporary solution; the problem persisted and in fact got worse.  I’d now been dealing with this problem for two years!

Finding deliverance

During this time I’d relocated to the Bible belt of the United States.  One day, the burden of my problems with these evil spirits felt so heavy and oppressive, that during a phone conversation I let one of my cousins know what was troubling me.  He immediately said, “You’ve come to the right place.  Jesus Christ is the only one who can help you”.  My soul was ready for Jesus!  After all this hopelessness I felt hope again.   For the first time in my life I opened my heart to Jesus Christ.

After a couple of false starts, I found the right church to worship Christ and find deliverance from the demons.  Through fervent prayer and fasting, the Holy Spirit guided me very clearly to the church where He wanted me to serve God.   I got baptized, and surrendered my life to Jesus.  In His everlasting mercy I’ve been totally and completely delivered from all evil spirits.  My deliverance is permanent and definitive.